Direct Access to Variable information

Want a quick look at the variables in your model? Want to figure out minimums and maximums in a few steps? Through the use of Python in EnSight, you can get direct access to items such as what variable names are available (to check to see what the dataset has, or figure out if your potential new names conflict with any already there). You can also get quick access to items like min and max (for the model). This is particularly handy with regards to Vectors, where you can direct return of all components and magnitude.

# Obtain variable min and max info
varname = "Momentum"

print "========================="
a = ensight.query(ensight.VARIABLE_OBJECTS)
var_list = a[2]
for i in range(len(var_list)):
    name_now = var_list[i]
    if name_now == varname:
        print "Found ",varname
        var_id = i
        print "Var_Id = ",var_id
        type_flag = a[1][var_id + 1]
        print "Type_flag = ",type_flag
        b = ensight.query(ensight.VARIABLE_INFORMATION,var_id)
        if type_flag == 0:
            min_val = b[2][0]
            max_val = b[2][1]
            print "Min_val = ",min_val
            print "Max_val = ",max_val
        if type_flag == 1:
            minx = b[2][0]
            maxx = b[2][1]
            miny = b[2][2]
            maxy = b[2][3]
            minz = b[2][4]
            maxz = b[2][5]
            minmag = b[2][6]
            maxmag = b[2][7]
            print "Minvals = ",minx,miny,minz
            print "Maxvals = ",maxx,maxy,maxz
            print "Mag     = ",minmag,maxmag