Converting Crank Angle to Time

EnSight’s transient capability, in particular the Pathline capability for time integrated streamlines relies on a consistent set of units. The time specified in the EnSight Case Format must match the units of time in the velocity field (distance/time). In older versions of ConvergeCFD, the velocity was written out as m/s, while the time was written out in crank angle. In this situation, the Pathline calculation routine will not correctly, as the units are not consistent. I’ve written a short quick little tool that converts the Crank Angle information to Time.

This little tool has the following attributes:
a. It sits in your UserDefinedTools area (so you don’t loose it), and you have a little single click icon to execute it.
b. It asks you for your Engine Speed in RPM, and the Case file containing Crank Angle
c. It moves the Crank Angle data over into its own separate file, so that user still has access to it through EnSight.
d. It modifies the .case file to include the above new crank angle file, and correctly writes time in the time values section.
e. It then asks you if you’d like to automatically load in this new .case file…

You now have time correctly in there.
You also have Crank Angle as another Constant that you create a label with, dial, gauge, or calculate with automatically.

So, there is a video tutorial (~ 4 minutes) on setup and using this routine :

And the little routine can be downloaded from here:
(updated 25-Sept-2012 to no longer require that the Case file be EnSight Gold (will work on non-Gold files too)

Let me know if you have any questions or problems.