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This is a place for you to request a tool, script, or piece of code. Maybe someone has already written code to do what you want. Or maybe they are willing to write it for you.

To make a request leave a comment describing your needs.

3 thoughts on “Request a Script

  1. Hello,
    I want segregate the fluid (3D elements) by the following script and to create a separate group. But I don’t know it is selecting all fluid parts but couldn’t able to put them in group. Please anybody can help me?

    # To select Fluid parts

    part_list = ensight.query(ensight.PART_SELECTED_OBJECTS)
    part_id = part_list[1][1:]
    part_name = part_list[2][:]
    fluid_ids = []

    for i in range(len(part_id)):
    current_name = str(part_name[i])
    current_id = str(part_id[i])
    lower_name = current_name.lower()
    if lower_name.find(‘fluid’) >= 0:

    # Now, organize parts into Groups
    # Fluid
    if len(fluid_ids) != 1:

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