Quick save a plot as an image

This simple script provides a fast way to save a singular plot as an image, with no other objects from the graphics window visible.

It provides a few options that need to be edited in the file (notably the image save path) and a few other options that are specified in a pop-up window. I think usage is fairly straight forward. If this script is used often, one will probably want to remove the pop-up window and set the options to the desired defaults inside the script. The script should work regardless of whatever else is visible in the graphics window, and should restore the view to it’s original state after running. Multiple viewports are supported, but the script may fail if the maximum allowed 16 viewports exit.

The saved images will be named after the Plot name. In a duplicate filename exists the new name will be modified (existing images will not be overwritten).

Added a toggle in the GUI to allow toggling the background color automatically using EnSight.

Download the script image_plot2.py (updated April 23, 2014)

One thought on “Quick save a plot as an image

  1. In 10.1 you can right click on a plot origin and choose to save it, and it will be saved at the full resolution of the graphics window as a png file. You have control of white or black background.

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