Assign Unique Node IDs

EnSight allows nodes and elements on different parts to have the same node ID numbers. For example it is perfectly fine to have a node #1 on every part even though those nodes are not the same node. In most cases EnSight provides a way to distinguish between these nodes, for example if you query a node ID, EnSight will query the node on the part(s) that you have selected.

However, there are a few somewhat uncommon situations when one does need unique node ID numbers. Two example are when using a Periodic Matchfile (for periodic boundaries), and when positioning the plane tool using 3 nodes.

This script will assign a unique node ID to every node in the geometry.

  • Run the script and select a .geo file
  • Requires the .geo file to be ascii (not binary)
  • Starts with node ID 1 and goes up from there
  • Ignores the current node IDs, accepts any type (none, assign, given)
  • Creates a new file with the old .geo name, and renames the original to “…_original.geo”

Possible enhancements (does not do this now):

  • Automatically convert all the .geo files in a transient simulation
  • Read and write binary .geo files
  • Change element IDs

Download the script.

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