Create a plane part

This is a simple tool but it may come in handy. Sometimes you just want to create some simple geometry, and probably the most common geometry to make is a plane. EnSight has the capability to create points and mesh them in various ways. This capability is called point parts, but it is cumbersome to specify each point manually.

This tool uses the location of the plane tool to create a point part and mesh the points to create a surface. The resulting part is a plane at the exact size and location of the plane tool. The new part can be colored and textured as desired, but it will have no variable information.

Example: This tool used to create a road for the guard rail demo model.

Just plug and chug with this tool. Don’t try to modify a created plane, just delete it and make a new one. Use the tool repeatedly to create multiple planes.

Download tool and icon. (updated 2012-09-28)

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