Remove Vector Component

Last week a customer complained about the necessary steps to remove a component from any vector variable. In his case he wanted to project streamlines on the midplane in Y direction around a car surface. The standard way in EnSight is to get the X and Z components of the velocity vector and add those to the MaceVect Calculator function with zero as Y components. This new variable should be renamed and can be used for the desired streamlines. Too unhandy for the user.


This routine does all steps automatically. It launches a small GUI which offers a combo list with all vector variables in the loaded data. The user has to select the component that has to be removed and click OK. The routine will create a new variable on all parts which als called original_variable_name_component-0 (e.g. velocity_Y-0).


This routine is written as a user defined tool. If you have an existing directory for your own tools just put it together with the image into that directory. Otherwise it can be used as a standalone tool as well if line 66 is activated. Please contact me if you have any problems (




One thought on “Remove Vector Component

  1. No, not really. Creating streamlines on a surface is even slower as they have to be created additionally to the calculation.
    Maybe two small points. One thing is that streamlines can be emitted by any other objects, not just a clip. The other thing is that sometimes vectors without a certain component are required for additionally calculations.

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