Moving Clip Plane

In EnSight we can move a clip plane depending on a selected part (e.g. a piston surface) over time. This can be done by this command:

test: special xyz clip

Recently a user asked me to automatize this feature. For this it’s necessary to create a new variable which has to be selected. No problem within the GUI but this was not possible in former EnSight versions by script. Thus this routine will only run on EnSight 10.0.2(f) or later. The result should look like this:


This routine is written as a user defined tool. If you have an existing directory for your own tools just put it together with the image into that directory. Otherwise it can be used as a standalone tool as well if line 156 is activated. Please contact me if you have any problems (

The tool will launch a GUI which asks for the fluid part which is clipped, the piston part surface and the moving direction. The tool is capable to create a new clip plane if toggled. Otherwise the name of an existing clip has to be typed in.


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