Right click data access

An annoying problem I saw quite often in doing support or training classes was to access the EnSight installation data sets. Usually the way to open one of the models is:

File -> Open -> Navigate to $CEI_HOME$/ensightxx/data -> select parts to load

Really exhausting if you have to do this 20 times in a single training class day. Using the ‘Open recent data file’ menu point was no really solution for me as EnSight will always ask you if you want to replace your current data. Too many clicks for me. I have written a routine which creates a background right click menu enhancement. Please find the linked routine. If you run that routine it will search for the hard drive location


The routine will create every directory level if the path could not be not found. However it won’t overwrite existing directories so you can run it if you already have defined some functions at that directory. As soon as the routine has created the new file called training_rightclick_background.py it will exit EnSight. Restart it to use the new right click enhancement.

The enhacement includes a quick tool access and hide function, which can be useful for quadric tools. Furthermore we can delete all currently loaded cases and we can find an option ‘Open Data’. Here the user can access all models which are automatically installed with EnSight. If the user selects oen model or clicks on ‘Delete data’, EnSight will immediately replce all current cases without asking. So this is a very quick way to open the file you need for demonstrating any EnSight functions.













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