Overset Grid enhancement : OVERINT grid.i.triq to EnSight format

For users of OVERSET grids and EnSight, we have written a little conversion routine to convert the “grid.i.triq” file from OVERINT into EnSight Format. This file contains the closed, water tight, triangulated surface representation of the geometry along with 13 variables stored at each of the node points. The python conversion routine reads the binary grid.i.triq file, and creates the appropriate EnSight Case Gold format .geo file, 13 variable files, along with the appropriate case file, and automatically loads the model into EnSight. This conversion routine only has to be run once per dataset, as all subsequent loads into EnSight can simply load in the converted EnSight Case Gold files.

More information on the OVERINT grid.i.triq file can be found here:


You can download the following bundle and place into your UserDefinedTools area (for either EnSight 9 or EnSight 10). You can then restart EnSight, and you should find the icon for converting the grid.i.triq file. Should have any questions, or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Download grid.i.triq conversion tool

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