Projected or Frontal Area Calculation




In EnSight, you can easily obtain the area of a set of elements with the EleSize function. You can even get the area in a particular Direction by multiplying it by the Normal and extracting out the component.

However, one particularly useful functionality is to get the “projected” area of a set of elements, or “frontal area”. In this method, overlapping faces do not contribute to the frontal area, and need to be accounted for. I’ve been asked on a few occasions to make something like this work.

This technique modifies the background in EnSight to black, the target elements to white, and uses EnVe to count up the number of white pixels. The routine then does this with an element of fixed/known area, and then it approximates the projected area of the target elements.

Attached is an example Python routine. Please open it up and read through it. There are few User Requirements and caveats at the top of the routine that you should be aware of. It is an approximation using pixel count. In my example model with a prescribed known target size, and my frontal area error is less than 0.01%. This value will differ depending upon the complexity of the geometry and the pixel-to-geometry accuracy at ~8000×8000 resolution.

With slight modification, this routine can be used in batch (add in the model load and part selection).

Click here to download frontal_area Python Script


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