Show a multi-colored overlay mesh

This simple script will create the effect of a “hidden line’ display but with more coloring options than are normally available. The script does not do anything that cannot be done through the EnSight GUI but it does make it easier. Also, only fairly advanced users of EnSight would be aware that it is even possible. To use this script just set the view and part colors how you want them, then run the script as a UDT. (updated 2014-2-21)

Basically the script does these steps:
Part selection: Applies to selected and visible parts only. If no parts are selected it is applied to all visible parts. Only 2D parts and 3D parts in border representation are affected.
1. Creates copies of the original parts and colors these parts gray.
2. Creates a black ‘outline’ part by taking an extract of 2D parts (in border rep) and 3D parts (in feature angle rep). (Skips this step by default. Set “CREATE_EDGES = True” on line 24.)
3. Turns element shading of original parts off and sets line thickness to 2.

The effect is that the ‘hidden line’ display is show with the colors of the original parts, on top of gray shaded parts.

The script attempts to have a minimal effect on the original parts. To return to the original view just do steps:
1. Delete or hide the created copy and extract parts
2. Turn on part shading of the original parts

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