RTZ Range Tool — Interactive

The Box Tool in EnSight works great to Intersect or Select a portion of the domain by providing all three Cartesian X,Y,Z limits. However, when working on cylindrical problems, or problems involving some rotational axis, it would be equally useful to have a tool that works to select a portion of the domain via RTZ limits (radial, theta, axial).

This tool allows you to specify the range in both the radial, theta, and axial extent to select out a “pie slice” of the domain. This works equally well on 3D and 2D parts.

The RTZ Range Tool creates a new part for you, thus allowing you to utilize this RTZ range for analytical or visual analysis.

An example screencast tutorial on using this Tool can be found here:


The dataset used, along with the example Python routine for UserDefinedTool implementation can be found at:


The example model of a fuel manifold is a common example, where you are interested in particular sectors of the results. When you insert the tool into your UserDefinedTool area, you should then see the following entry in your UserDefinedTool:

When clicked, the tool will appear with the following GUI. The axis of rotation, along with the Min & Max values of Radius, Theta, and Axial location are entered.

The following picture denotes what you can expect for a newly created RTZ Range part (with the Parent as the Fluid Domain):


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