Pipe centerline routine

As many of you know I’ve been working on the pipe centerline routine in the past. Today it’s running well on most geometries so it’s time to share it.

If you already know older versions, you will see that some changes have been made. One thing is that the the routine can be used as a User Defined tool now. If you want to use it that way, please delete the expression run(0), currently in line 693. Copy the routine and the thumbnail to ~/.ensight92/extensions/user_defined/Tools and restart EnSight. Now you should see the thumbnail and the tool description in the UDT dialog. Starting the routine will launch the GUI where you can make your settings.


















The GUI changes dynamically, depending on the selectid parts and the settings. For running the script, please select the wall part (this should be the pipe with the desired center spline), an inlet and an outlet. The order of inlet and outlet part is not important. If the pie has no parallel sections you can allow EnSight to generate infinite clips. If there are parallel sections do not allow that. EnSight will then generate a finite pipe clip with the plane tool. The diameter of the plane tool is the twice of the inlet part diameter by default. Modify this setting if the pipe diameter varies.
































The step delta controls the moving steps of the plane tool. This value is calculated automatically, depending on the selected wall part. This value should fit for most situations. Only modify it if the spline result is not satisfying. The script should generate a coaxial spline for the pipe geometry. If you are not satisfied with the result please play with the settings or contact me.









The script can be downloaded here:


The thumbnail:







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