Various data translators

I have early versions of translators for several data types. I will not post the scripts here but contact me if you are interested. They all use python and enout to translate to EnSight case gold.

  • Ansoft HFSS/Maxwell – a very limited version for testing and learning about the data format
  • COMSOL – Reads ascii ‘spanwise’ format which is exported from COMSOL. It does not read the native file format. Created to demonstrate to a prospect in Europe who did not end up purchasing.
  • DEM – Reads a few types of ascii Digital Elevation Model formats. Can use these to create 2D geometry (for flat maps) and 3D geometry which shows the curvature of the earth. Can be used to make some nice images. The simple 2D structured nature of the data was good for learning how to do data translation.
  • FEKO – electromagnetics software. Reads geometry from the native input file and variable data from an optional .out file. Works for nearfield and farfield parts but not all possible geometry types. Good enough for making demonstrations.
  • Moldflow – early version which reads geometry from an ascii .inp input file and variables from separate ascii .nod and .ele ascii files. Done for a customer request, work in progress.
  • Nastran rms format – working version in use by a customer. See separate post. I don’t know what this format is used for. I am guessing it is for vibration analysis.
  • Wavefront OBJ – Handles colors differently than EnSight’s OBJ reader. Each element in an OBJ can have a different color while EnSight will give them only one color per part. This translator creates an element variable for each color assigns a value to each element. The script also edits the palette to display these colors correctly after the data is loaded. See image below. This was for fun.
  • XYZ – Used in chemistry, biology, and molecular dynamics. This is a very simple format which is probably not used often.  The translator creates a node for each atom and assigns a variable which represents the radius of the atom. See the image of a DNA strand below. Part of a quick exploration into the potential for EnSight in molecular dynamics and related fields.
  • PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) – For measuring velocity. One standard data format is DaVis .vec, which is essentially a .csv files with a header line. My translator creates a 2D part from XY position and velocity information in the file. The result is a 2D part with a velocity vector that can be used to color by variable or create streamlines, etc. Great for comparing CFD to experiment. Added 2011-12-30

This model was originally a Wavefront OBJ model with color information in the .mtl file.



Part of a DNA double helix. Each sphere represents an atom. The color represents atom type and the size of the sphere is an approximation of the atomic radius.

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