Data translator: Nastran RMS to EnSight Case Gold

The script reads a Nastran .bdf input file and .rms variable files and converts them to a single EnSight case. The .rms files contain displacement and acceleration data (R, T, R0, and T0).

Download the script (2011-6-1)

Current state is usable but requires manual editing: the user must edit the file names and paths in the python script. It has not been polished and has only been tested on a small number of datasets. A fair amount of performance optimization has been done and the script has been used to translate models of over 1 million nodes in reasonable time.

This script was created for an aerospace customer in China. A version of the script is in use by the customer.



Load .bdf input file using EnSight’s Nastran input reader; export geometry to case format; read variable data from ascii .rms file(s); export variables to case format using the enout API; modify the case file to merge the geometry and variables into a single case.


EnSight versions: 9.2
OS: all

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